Category: Small Businesses

  • Goal Setting

    Most people will have set goals at the beginning of the year of what they plan to do through the year. A lot of these goals might now be unattainable due to Covid19. But your year doesn’t have to stop with Covid19 you can refocus your goals changing them up for the current climate. As […]

  • What Can A Photographer Learn From Spending An Hour On Instagram?

    I think that every day or at least every other day as a photographer you should try to spend one full hour On Instagram. In this hour you scroll on the news feed and make a note about which images grab your attention and then make a comment and maybe even share them in your […]

  • Is Coronavirus Affecting You As A Small Business?

    Having seen countries on lockdown already. I think that it is immnent that the uk will follow suit. We’ve already seen people panic buying toilet rolls, hand sannitiser and pasta.etc. At the moment I’m just starting out as a freelance photographer so I’m still doing a lot of marketing so I’m doing the majority of […]