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  • Photo Challenge Friday Week 31: Chair and Week 32: Line From A Song

    Hi I’m Back with my photo challenge Friday Segment. A couple of weeks ago I decided to start doing 52 frames again so I will be participating in their challenges and sharing, what I have created here. The theme for this week is Chair. You can photograph any type of chair. It can be a…

  • 7 Common Mistakes New Photographers Make

    Let me know in the comments if you’ve made any of these mistakes or what you would add to this list.

  • Strategies For 2024 Success

    Back In December, I attended a masterclass with Anne Gwilliam delving into strategies for success in 2024. Here are my key takeaways: While it might seem optional, having a business strategy is crucial for success. Despite the challenges of 2023, Anne Gwilliam emphasized that being unprepared is a significant reason for business failures. I believe…

  • Content Creation Girlies

    If your a creative. You need to find yourself a group of people to connect and create content with just like I did with Content Creation Girlies back in January. Here’s what we got up to in the video below:

  • 10 Days To Start Everyday the right was a photographer in 2024

    Today is my 100th article on this website so I’m going to post about 10 ways to start off everyday in 2024 the right way as a Photographer.

  • Fairytales Ep Cover

    Excited to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my recent work. I’ve been working with Sophie Adamson music on creating striking single covers for her first EP. Each image tells a unique story, reflecting the music’s mood and energy. It’s a wonderful journey translating sound into visuals. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the visual…

  • International Womens Day

    A couple of weeks ago it was International Women’s day so here’s a selection of women I’ve photographed in the last year:

  • Aligning Your Brand Strategy

    Back In November, I attended a captivating talk by Carly-Soulful Strategy on aligning brand strategy, with moms in business. Selecting clients who resonate with your brand is pivotal. It’s crucial to heed your inner voice and silence those who doubt your capabilities. Crafting and sharing your brand story not only imparts insight but also fosters…

  • Weekly Affirmations

    Ever since October’s networking event with Mrs. Mindset at mums in business I’ve had the affirmation card on my desk that reads, “I have the power to choose…” (how I live my life). I’m wondering if anyone uses weekly affirmations, and if so, whether they find them helpful. For me, affirmations are a way to…

  • The Subconscious Mind With Mrs Mindset at Mums In Business

    Back in October 2023 I went to a networking event with mums in business, having realised you don’t have to be a mum but a woman in business. The talk was with Mrs. Mindset talking about how your subconscious mind affects business without you knowing. It was all about how our subconscious minds prevent us…

  • How Have You Developed Your Skills As A Photographer?

    How have you developed your skills as a photographer? I have developed my skills as a photographer through experimentation, my photography society, masters, workshops, YouTube videos and books. Firstly I started off by teaching myself photography through experimentation and trial and error by planning my own shoots before I’d even picked up a book or…

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