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1. What makes a great photograph to you?

For me being a portrait photographer in a portrait I want the photographer to capture emotion in the eyes and the image to tell a story. The most important thing is that you have captured that memory either for yourself or that person.
In landscape photography I want the photographer to take me to the place where the photograph was taken. Does the image make me feel like I’m there? I also like to feel a sense of calmness from looking at the image. In that moment my full attention is on the photograph and I believe that if you can hold the attention of the viewer and make them focus only on your image that is brilliant.

2. What is your approach to photography?

I say where possible I like natural un-posed images allowing the model to be themselves in any environment. I mostly like to give more direction when I have someone relatively new to modelling in the studio.

If I have planned a shoot with a concept or I am doing a new style of photography I like to spend some time creating a mood board on Pinterest (a mood board creation and article pinning site) which I send to the model before the shoot so she can have some idea of what I will be looking for during the shoot. These boards are just a starting point and I like to try and do something that isn’t on them that still sticks to the theme when I can. Finally, I spend lots of time broadening my knowledge by reading books and listening to podcasts.

3. Will you use photoshop to make me look good?

When I first started photoshop was my starting point, now it in my end point. What I mean by this is that now after every portrait shoot, I upload my images into lightroom and then I start by looking through them all. Then I make minor adjustments in lightroom before going into photoshop to fine tune and ultimately improve your image. I like to keep my images as natural as possible to stay authentic to the subject. I will always get rid of any eye bags, unwanted facial hair and spots. In some instances, I do smooth skin and in others I don’t for me that really depends on that particular photo but in answer to this question I will make you look good.

4. How long have you been doing photography?

I’ve always enjoyed photography since I was a little girl with a disposable camera. About ten years ago I did my first portrait shoots using natural light from a conservatory window and lamp light. A few years later in my final year of my undergraduate degree in media there was a module where I could choose to create any project, I wanted so I did fashion shoots using only daylight in the garden. All this was before I got a digital SLR, for these projects I used a point and shoot camera. Then in December 2014 I got a digital SLR camera and after joining Preston photographic society in 2015 my portraits started to see a real improvement with having access to portrait evenings and photo walks. In 2016 I set up this website to showcase my photography. Then in 2018 I started my masters which I finished at the end of 2019 and in January 2020 I officially launched myself as a freelance photographer.

5. Do you have any qualifications?

I have a bachelor’s degree in media and my photography has been mostly self-taught. I completed a master’s in photography in 2019.

6. Who is your favourite photographer/ inspiration?

Its really hard to choose just one favourite photographer because I like a mix of different photographers for a variety of reasons.

I’ve always been into fashion photography and if I want fashion inspiration, I look at Emily Soto, Lara Jade and David Bailey.

Emily Soto is not afraid to push herself with lighting and testing different cameras and lenses. Lara Jade is a British photographer whose fashion photography 101 book provided me with a deeper understanding of fashion photography a couple of years ago. David Bailey’s work is an array of classic 1950’s and 1960’s vogue covers that to me are timeless.

Georgia Rose Hardy for me is the only self portrait artist whose work I’m inspired by. I’m not a self portrait artist myself so for me her work is about out of the box creativity which inspire me to think more creatively in my own work.

I think its not difficult to find inspiration from people and other photographers in your own life too and sometimes one photo from a photographer can inspire me. One photo that comes to mind in Audrey Hepburn in Bougainvillea shot by Norman Parkinson in Rome. She is stood in front of a cherry blossom tree and since seeing this image I’ve wanted to find another tree in a similar style to recreate this with my own spin on it.

Lastly, I take inspiration from books especially every book by Henry Carroll as there are so many subjects he covers.

7. What’s Your Favourite lens you use?

Up until I got my 50mm Prime lens in December 2019 it was my 55-200mm telephoto zoom lens. But since getting my prime my favourite has changed, I use it for portraits, landscapes, you name it. I simply love the versatility.

8. What do you use to share your photographic work?

I use Facebook at www.facebook.com/lucyandthelensphotography, Instagram and Twitter @lucyandthelens and I just started using LinkedIn for business. I also show people in person and hand out business cards.

9. What kind of camera do you use to take your photographs with?

I use a Nikond3200 Digital SLR with a mix of seven interchangeable lenses. I also have Polaroid Snap Touch which I like to use on a recreational basis. I may start doing a polaroid after every shoot.

I also have a 35mm film camera that has just been loaded which I’m looking forward to trying out so hopefully you will see more of these.

10. What Is The Widest Aperture Lens You Have?

F1.8 on my 50mm Prime

11. What Is The One Thing You Would Love To Shoot The Most?

I often like to try and shoot styles I’ve never done before like I’d love to do some maternity shoots, but also i’d love to do some more conceptual work such as seven deadly sins or fairytale inspired.

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