Tag: #IphonePhotography

  • Crystal Ball Photography

    ¬†At the beginning of the year, I set myself 30 photography related goals. Currently, I have started 11 of them, and today I am going to talk about goal number 24 which was to begin using props within my photography. My First prop of 2018 is a Crystal Ball because this is something I’ve wanted […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 8: Textures and Patterns

    This week I had to photograph Textures and Patterns and it took me back to a time when rather than ordering photo books off Photobox I used to order photos and buy patterned paper from Hobbycraft. So for this challenge I decided to take a picture of one of them because it brings me back […]

  • My Camera and Lens Collection

    For this post I have decided to discuss the types ofd cameras and lenses i typically use and those I want to try and use in the future. I will be discussing my phone camera, digital SLR and my Polaroid Socialmatic Camera. First of all I am going to talk about my phone camera. I […]