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  • Q And A With Multiple Exposure Photographer: Calum Heywood Photography

    How did you get into Photography? I started taking photographs when I was about 13 when my dad gave me his digital camera to try out. I just kept taking photographs from then on looking at new ways I could experiment, I shot a lot of nature-based work to start off with because I found […]

  • Q And A With Street Photographer: Alf Myers Photography

    Welcome to the second instalment of monthly Photographer Q and A. My second photographer is Street Photographer: Alf Myers Photography. How did you get into photography? That’s a rather simple one to answer – it was holidays. Many, many, moons ago I went on holiday to the Greek island of Corfu. It was in the […]

  • What Should You Photograph With A Wide-Angle Lens?

    As you may know from my previous posts or my FAQ page, I have seven lenses. Today I am going to write about the wide-angle lens and after this post throughout a long period of time, I am hoping to do a series of these for each of my lenses. There is no right or […]

  • Street Photography

    So recently I’ve been doing a vast amount of street photography so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt. The first time I did street photography it felt obtrusive, I felt like I was doing something wrong because it is essentially photographing people without their consent. Later I found out that street photography […]

  • Charity Photowalk In Liverpool

    Charity Photowalk In Liverpool

    Last Sunday I went on a Charity photo walk organised by Terry Donnelly in Liverpool to raise money for a little girl with eye cancer. You can find the go fund me page here:Go Fund Hayden It was a dreadful dreary day for a photo walk but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. We […]