Q And A With Gig Photographer: Button Photographic

Welcome to my first instalment of my monthly Photographer Q and A. My first photographer is Gig Photographer: Button Photographic.

  • How did you get into Photography?

I started by taking holiday snaps on an old iPod many years back and I realised I quite enjoyed the act of taking photos, eventually I bought myself a DSLR and I kept shooting more and more.

  • What kind of gear do you use?

I use a Nikon D3300 with a NIKKOR 35mm lens most of the time

  • Which is your favourite lens? Why?

My 35mm because it is the perfect length for me as I find it can get shots with a lot of coverage but also shots that are close up.

  • So, you’re a gig photographer? How did that subject peak your interest?

I did one random gig shoot with a friend’s band and after that I began doing it more often and slowly built a love for the shots I was getting and the music I was hearing especially within the Manchester music scene.

  • What settings do you typically use for your gig photography?

I have to use settings which are typically best for low light, but every gig venue has different lighting so sometimes It isn’t as hard to make sure the shots are well lit.

  • Do you follow a shot list when you shoot a gig or event, or do you prefer to have free reign?

Free reign

  • How do you usually post process your work?

I organise all the shots that I like and then put them through lightroom so I can improve colour and light where it is needed

  • What makes a good photograph in your eyes?

If the photo gives people a lot of visual information and tells a story that typically is quite good but also a well framed and lit photo goes a long way as well.

  • Are there any other styles of photography you enjoy?

I really enjoy landscape and architecture photography as it is quite different from what I usually shoot

  • Tell us the story behind your favourite picture?

A shot I took when I went camping last September, we spent a few hours walking in pretty rough rain before getting to the campsite but when we got there and started pitching our tent we were greeted with this gorgeous rainbow.

It was a lovely surprise considering I expected the weather to be atrocious the whole time and I was overjoyed to get a shot of it.

I shot it on my Nikon D3300 with my Sigma 10-20mm lens.

I can’t really decide whether this is my “favourite picture” but it’s up there for sure!

Rainbow By Button Photographic
  • Have you done any cool projects recently that you’d like to discuss?

I have started shooting on film as a bit of a personal experiment to see how my film photos compare to my digital ones, I have found it to be very refreshing as it is a lot more involving.

  • When you do travel what do you take with you and why?

My Nikon D3300 with my NIKKOR 35mm and sigma 10 – 20mm because having these two lenses usually give me the variety I want when travelling and they aren’t too heavy.

  • Is there any photographers work that has influenced and inspired you? If so who?

Cody Smyth has been a big influence on my Music photography because of his amazing work documenting the early years of The Strokes.

  • Do you shoot both digital and film?

I have recently started shooting film as mentioned before.

  • Where do you expand your photographic knowledge?

Lots of practice is the best way I learn new skills.

I hope you enjoyed something a little different showcasing and discussing the work of Button Photographic: Gig Photographer. Stay Tuned for the next installment with Alf Myers Photography:Street Photographer Next Month.


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