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  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 20: Rule Of Thirds

    It’s Friday gotta Photo Challenge On Friday. Week 20’s challenge is Rule Of Thirds. I thought I’d Start the challenges in this book from the beggining which is the fundamentals. So The Rule Of Thirds is basic composition. Think of your camera or phone like a grid and divide it into thirds, both horizontally and […]

  • Moor Park: 6 Days 6 Lenses

    You may have seen my 8 photography techniques to try in isolation post. Well as well as trying new things using photoshop techniques on the portraits in my back catalogue I’ve been going out with my camera during lockdown and photographing the places I go on my daily walks. The main place I’ve been to […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 19: Get Closer

    It’s Photo Challenge Friday. Week 19’s challenge is to Get Closer. This challenge is about taking close up pictures of ordinary things and seeing if you can make them look stange and unfamiliar. Using objects and subjects you can find in your own house and garden and experimenting with Black and White. Here are the […]

  • Q And A With Street Photographer: Alf Myers Photography

    Welcome to the second instalment of monthly Photographer Q and A. My second photographer is Street Photographer: Alf Myers Photography. How did you get into photography? That’s a rather simple one to answer – it was holidays. Many, many, moons ago I went on holiday to the Greek island of Corfu. It was in the […]

  • Facing My Fears: Part 1: Dogs

    I feel as a photographer you should not just photograph subjects you like or things you enjoy. You should also be photographing things you fear. I was terrified of dogs since I was about 7 years old when I went to worden park and I was chased by one until I climbed up a tree […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 18: Blur The Boundaries

    Happy Friday readers. Week 18’s challenge is Blur The Boundaries. This challenge is about getting super close to your subject such as flowers so they partially obscurre the lens and create blurry blobs. Play with your focus and see what happens in a familiar location. Here are the images I took for this Challenge: For […]

  • Competition Prep

    Every season at Preston Photographic Society we have themed competitions. So, in the summer I take my special Lucy and the Lens notebook with the seven competitions written down so I can think about what I want to take and whether I can take a couple on holiday. Sometimes this is easy because the themes […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 17: Play Detective

    It’s challenge time of the week again. This weeks challenge from Be a Super Awesome Photographer was Play Detective. This one is about taking portraits of the things people leave behind after they have left a room. You can do this by observing things that people have left on the street or by observing the […]

  • Goal Setting

    Most people will have set goals at the beginning of the year of what they plan to do through the year. A lot of these goals might now be unattainable due to Covid19. But your year doesn’t have to stop with Covid19 you can refocus your goals changing them up for the current climate. As […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 16: Hard Light

    So it’s Friday again and do it’s challenge time. This week for week 16 I did another challenge from Be A Super Awesome Photographer by Henry Carroll which is Hard Light. This challenge is about photographing strong shadows that fall on subjects in hard light using only the windows in my house in strong sunlight […]

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