Category: Unconventional Shoots

  • Petzval 85mm Lomography Lens

    Last Thursday I went on a photo walk to Crosby and as I had already been before and I knew I was going to get exactly the same shots I took a gamble. Rather than my telephoto zoom lens I took the Petzval 85mm Lens which is a Lomography / art lens. This lens is […]

  • Skippool Creek Photowalk

    On Thursday I went on a photo walk with Preston Photographic Society to Skippool Creek, which was a little bit different than usual because it was a members choice rather than our photo walk organiser, Nancy’s and we were photographing rusty old boats. This time I took one of my cousins who is also interested […]

  • UCLAN Colour Run

    UCLAN Colour Run

    This weekend was one of the most exciting but unconventional shoots I have ever done. I was at UCLAN Sports Arena shooting a colour run with Preston Photographic Society, which people of all ages participated in to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Charity. What’s a colour run you ask? It’s a new craze where […]