Skippool Creek Photowalk

On Thursday I went on a photo walk with Preston Photographic Society to Skippool Creek, which was a little bit different than usual because it was a members choice rather than our photo walk organiser, Nancy’s and we were photographing rusty old boats.

This time I took one of my cousins who is also interested in photography with me and although we were both wearing inappropriate shoes the walk was thoroughly enjoyable.

The boats looked like they had been abandoned for many years and were starting to rot and decay which added a new dimension and character to the boats. According to Skippool creek went from being a busy port used for smuggling goods and transporting produce to an abandoned port in the 1840s when they started to open bigger ports and railways.

My favourite photo from this walk was a side view of a beach hut, which was taken just as the sun was starting to set and anyone who knows me knows I can’t, resist a sunset photo.

What I like to do is keep photographing whenever and wherever I can, and stepping outside my comfort zone is the best thing ever as I’m broadening my photographic horizons. It also gets me to experience a vast array of new things and look for beauty in unexpected places.

Below are a selection of my favourite images from the walk shot on my NikonD3200 with both my 18-55mm Lens and My Telephoto Zoom Lens:


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