Graves At Heysham Photowalk

So last Thursday I went on a photo walk with Preston Photographic Society to Graves at Heysham near Morecambe. Photography is not just about taking pictures it is about capturing the essence and history of a place.

For those of you who don’t know what graves at Heysham is, I didn’t but after reading the plaque and looking at several websites (National Trust, Time Travel Britain, Blogs) I did manage to find a little bit of information about it.

At Graves at Heysham there is an old ruined chapel that stands on top of a cliff and it is up there that you see the famed stone graves used to bury high status individuals. These Graves appear on the front cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘The Best Of Black Sabbath’.

Legend states that St Patrick was shipwrecked here after crossing from Ireland and established the chapel but in fact the chapel was built as a memory of his life 300 years after his death.

St Peters church at the bottom of the cliff near the village is a still functioning Anglican church but we couldn’t go inside but when on these photo walks I like to think outside the box. I am always looking for that obscure shot and today my shot was taken from the outside looking in to capture the window and the pews at the other side.

A great thing about going out with other more experienced photographers is that they give you ideas so we spent a little while capturing the sun flares through the archway of the ruined St Peters Chapel.

All in All it is always good to go out and do some photography even if it means the subject is outside of your comfort zone because photography is something you learn by going out and practicing. Although I prefer shooting people I will not say no to an opportunity to shoot something different so don’t just read about different types of photography, go out and practice them.





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