30 Photography Goals To Kickstart 2018

So I thought I’d kick of 2018 by setting some goals to help me focus on how to move forward with my photography. So here is a list of what I want to achieve this year:

  1. Sort Out Business Cards.
  2. Enter National and International Competitions.
  3. Start Putting my Ideas into Motion.
  4. Start a hashtag a day project on twitter in order to improve my marketing strategy.
  5. Start a 52 Week project and document it on my Blog.
  6. Photograph more things outside my comfort Zone.
  7. Interview other Photographers.
  8. Do more solo days out.
  9. Think more about the stories I want to tell, than the technical aspect.
  10. Set more creative challenges for myself to refocus my vision.
  11. Regularly Update my blog whenever I do new work.
  12. Join some photography sites and upload images at least once a week i.e. update viewbug, Flickr.
  13. Get more feedback from other photographers and make a note of it all.
  14. Learn how to shoot with a new lens: Got a Fisheye 5.8mm for Christmas so will start with this.
  15. Try new photographic software i.e. Luminar or Pixlr.
  16. Create A Schedule for Taking Photos.
  17. Shoot more personal projects.
  18. Sort all Photos into dated folders for easy navigation.
  19. Create more time-lapse videos.
  20. Start doing a few tutorials.
  21. Learn a new type of photography.
  22. Study more techniques by reading books and doing courses.
  23. Listen to photography podcasts.
  24. Buy some creative props- not going to give this away just yet but I have two in mind.
  25. Get rid of what’s holding me back.
  26. Focus more on the blogging and business aspect of photography.
  27. Talk about the why – Why do I do photography?
  28. Finish the projects I started in 2017.
  29. Photograph a completely new place.
  30. Take more photographs.

Lets start the new year right by working through these in the upcoming months. Hopefully these goals are all achievable and im looking forward to the year ahead.





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