5 Photography Blogs Every Photographer Must Read

DIY Photography shows you have to do a variety of photography related projects. At the moment its highlighting people who are finding clever ways to photograph in Isolation.

Digital Photography School

This is the blog where you can guarantee to find anything you need. There’s Camera and photography product reviews, tutorials and tips for a variety of things, challenges that you can take part in. Just be sure to read this blog for any kind of Advice.

Picture Correct is my go-to blog for lighting and editing tips and tricks. My favourite posts are related to lighting tutorials. I’ve learned so much more about lighting from watching people try it over video.

Here is the home of the Sunday Shutter which highlights the best photos there have seen that week which I think is really cool and good to see what other people have photographed in the last week.

For me this is another one like digital photography school that has been around for so many years, it’s hard not to find a variety of useful things on here.

Please be sure to check these out and if you enjoyed this posted stay tuned for more.


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