Photo Challenge Friday: Week 29: Still Life and Week 30: Self Portraits

It’s Monday and It’s a little late but It’s double challenge time.

Week 29’s challenge is Still Life. This is about picking complementary objects that complement each other and creating a composition. In paintings this is often a bowl of fruit.

Here are my still life images:

For Week 30 I had to try one of the things photographers rarely do. This is the dreaded Self Portrait. We will see how this one goes. I mostly photograph people and fashion but rarely photograph myself except on a quick phone snap. In These ones below I look like a bond Villian:

Week 31’s Challenge will be from PhotoCrafty by Sue veneables. For Week 31 my Challenge is Play Snap. This challenge is about picking a subject and taking photos of it everytime you see that same subject.

If you enjoyed this weeks challenge join in with next weeks Play Snap challenge and tweet or Instagram to @lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #stilllife or #playsnap.





2 responses to “Photo Challenge Friday: Week 29: Still Life and Week 30: Self Portraits”

  1. Bloom Hemp avatar

    Great content! Keep up the good work!

    1. lucy and the lens avatar
      lucy and the lens

      Thank You Very Much

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