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  • Photo Challenge Friday Week 31: Chair and Week 32: Line From A Song

    Hi I’m Back with my photo challenge Friday Segment. A couple of weeks ago I decided to start doing 52 frames again so I will be participating in their challenges and sharing, what I have created here. The theme for this week is Chair. You can photograph any type of chair. It can be a […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 29: Still Life and Week 30: Self Portraits

    It’s Monday and It’s a little late but It’s double challenge time. Week 29’s challenge is Still Life. This is about picking complementary objects that complement each other and creating a composition. In paintings this is often a bowl of fruit. Here are my still life images: For Week 30 I had to try one […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 28: All White?

    Happy Sunday Readers! It’s Challenge Time. It’s And little Late but here goes. Week 28 is the final of my colour scavenger hunt series and is called All White? White is for rare things, perfection, purity and innocence. White light, angels, peace, pristine sheets of paper. Here are the results: Instead of posting next Friday […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 26: Feeling Blue? And Week 27: Mellow Yellow

    It’s Photo Challenge Friday Again.  Here’s Another Double Post. Week 26’s challenge continues with the photo scavenger hunt series and is called Feeling Blue?. They say that blue can be a mood and its also all around us as both the sky and the sea are blue. Here are a few of my Images that […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 24: Green With Envy And Week 25: Orange Glow

    It’s Photo Challenge Friday Again. I was a little busy last week so this week I’ve got a double post for you. Week 24’s challenge continues with the photo scavenger hunt series and is called Green With Envy. This challenge involves looking for things that are green. Green is associated with nature, harmony, growth,stability,freshness and […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 23: Seeing Red

    It’s Photo Challenge Friday Time of the week. Week 23’s challenge is Seeing Red. This challenge is to do a photo scavenger hunt looking for only things that are red. Red is associated with extreme emotions and events, such as passion, love anger, war danger, blood, determination and strength. So these photo don’t have to […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 22: Framing

    Happy Friday, It’s Challenge Time. Week 22’s challenge is another of my current back to basics series and is called, Framing. This is all about using natural frames. You can create a frame like this using your hands, a fence, trees or a window. You may even think of other ways of creating a natural […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 21: Do Your Lines

    Happy Friday Readers, It’s time to share this week’s challenge. Week 21’s challenge is another of my current back to basics series and is called, Do Your Lines. This is about using lines to lead the viewer into the image. These can be horizontal, vertical, radial and diagonal. These Leading Lines are everywhere you look […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 20: Rule Of Thirds

    It’s Friday gotta Photo Challenge On Friday. Week 20’s challenge is Rule Of Thirds. I thought I’d Start the challenges in this book from the beggining which is the fundamentals. So The Rule Of Thirds is basic composition. Think of your camera or phone like a grid and divide it into thirds, both horizontally and […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday: Week 19: Get Closer

    It’s Photo Challenge Friday. Week 19’s challenge is to Get Closer. This challenge is about taking close up pictures of ordinary things and seeing if you can make them look stange and unfamiliar. Using objects and subjects you can find in your own house and garden and experimenting with Black and White. Here are the […]