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  • Competition Prep

    Every season at Preston Photographic Society we have themed competitions. So, in the summer I take my special Lucy and the Lens notebook with the seven competitions written down so I can think about what I want to take and whether I can take a couple on holiday. Sometimes this is easy because the themes […]

  • What Can A Photographer Learn From Spending An Hour On Instagram?

    I think that every day or at least every other day as a photographer you should try to spend one full hour On Instagram. In this hour you scroll on the news feed and make a note about which images grab your attention and then make a comment and maybe even share them in your […]

  • Studio Lighting: Tips

    I have my own studio lights and also access to a studio at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) as I do my freelance work from there. So, I’ve been reading books, blogs and googling techniques on how to light a subject. Here are some tips I have acquired about studio lighting from the book lighting […]

  • Photoshop Quick Fixes for Beginners: Sharpening Images and Black And White Conversion

    Typically when taking photos on my mobile I use the mobile version of photoshop (photoshop express) when editing. The first thing I do when editing quickly is a quick 35% sharpen of my image as this amount is what I find pushes the image just enough. Then I auto expose my image but usually change […]

  • What Should You Photograph With A Wide-Angle Lens?

    As you may know from my previous posts or my FAQ page, I have seven lenses. Today I am going to write about the wide-angle lens and after this post throughout a long period of time, I am hoping to do a series of these for each of my lenses. There is no right or […]