7 Common Mistakes New Photographers Make

  1. Believing that having the latest gear will improve skills. You don’t need an expensive camera to take great images. I’ve taken some of my best images on an Iphone.
  2. Ignoring the importance of basic lighting and composition techniques and starting to do advanced techniques without learning the basics.
  3. Not asking others for feedback. Without feedback its difficult to know where you can improve so ask other photographers or mentors whar they think.
  4. Underestimating the importance of practicing and honing down your skills as you won’t learn how to take the best photos overnight. Perseverance is the key to improving.
  5. Refusing to take the camera off automatic mode. This limits your creative control and understanding of camera settings.
  6. Not paying attention to the lighting conditions and ruining your images as a result.
  7. Not Editing your work. Results in dull or unfinished images. This is only acceptable for an event where you need a quick turnaround.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve made any of these mistakes or what you would add to this list.





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