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  • Facing My Fears: Part 1: Dogs

    I feel as a photographer you should not just photograph subjects you like or things you enjoy. You should also be photographing things you fear. I was terrified of dogs since I was about 7 years old when I went to worden park and I was chased by one until I climbed up a tree […]

  • 8 Photography Techniques To Try While In Isolation

    Today I’m going to talk about some effects I have tried during isolation and rate them in terms of level 0 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. The first effect I tried was the twirl effect. This is where you turn the landscape or portrait into a twirl pattern. It’s a quick and […]

  • What Lead Me To The Fencing Selfie?

    What Lead Me To The Fencing Selfie?

    The Inspiration So towards the end of 2015, I joined Preston Photographic Society and I started entering the competitions. One of these competitions is a theme competition, which changes each month and one of the themes was sport. I had two choices to photograph someone doing taekwondo or someone doing fencing because I do both […]