Facing My Fears: Part 1: Dogs

I feel as a photographer you should not just photograph subjects you like or things you enjoy. You should also be photographing things you fear.

I was terrified of dogs since I was about 7 years old when I went to worden park and I was chased by one until I climbed up a tree which seemed to deter it.

So, a few years ago as whenever I saw a dog, I would cross the road and the owner would follow me across and tell me their dog was okay but when you’re afraid of something that’s the last thing you want. You have to confront your fear yourself.

I eventually decided to choose to photograph dogs for a domestic animal’s competition. Also, when I went on a trip to Ireland I was around dogs for a weekend and managed to get photos of them. So, here’s a selection of Dog portraits:

Although I still flinch if a dog jumps on me, I think photographing them has pretty much conquered my fear.

Is anyone else afraid or has previously been afraid of something they could tap into and photograph. Does photographing the thing you’re afraid of help you to ease that fear?


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