Let’s Talk About Collaboration

Why would anyone want to collaborate.

To start with you need to find those collaborations that you feel will benefit you. Don’t collaborate with someone who appears on the surface to just be looking for a freebie. As one point of collaboration is that you hope to get some future work out of this person.

I also like to do collaboration when I want to learn a new style of photography that I’ve never done before. This is offering a free shoot or a couple of free shoots to learn about and understand that photography style.

Collaboration can be a chance for creativity you can collaborate with makeup artists and stylists to make something extraordinary.

Additionally, it can lead to new and innovative ideas, as each person brings their own perspective to the table.
-Furthermore, it can build relationships and foster a sense of community.

Sometimes it helps to get a fresh perspective on the projects you’re working on so somebody can help you out.

In short, collaborating can be very beneficial. It can make projects run more smoothly, lead to new and innovative ideas, and build relationships. So next time you’re working on something, consider collaborating with someone else.

Here are a few of my photos from collaborations I’ve done with muas, models and actresses.



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