10 Ideas To Stay Inspired With Little Time

The first challenge is to write a list post and I thought seen as I’ve been busy lately  I’d make a list of 10 ideas to unleash the creative photographer within you. This list is typically what I might do on a week when I have very little time to get out and about and photograph. This keeps me focused on getting out and about and not giving up because my time is limited. So here is just a few ideas of things i like to do to get inspired to photograph:

  1. Find a local museum, familiarise yourself with the exhibits and challenge yourself to photograph every new exhibit. Sometimes I spend one day a week just wandering round the Harris Museum in Preston with my camera seeing what i can discover.
  2. Create a series about something your passionate about. For me this could be reading, reinterpretting movie scenes through photographs, portraiture or fencing.
  3. Turn yourself into an alter ego. If time contraints mean you don’t have a model this week why not take pictures of yourself in your normal state and showing different aspects of your personality. You can also create an entirely new persona of yourself by wearing something different or doing something that isnt usual for you.
  4. Create a campaign about something just for yourself. I haven’t done this yet but i’m hoping to work on a few different ones but i’m not going to give anything away, just yet.
  5. Get on a train and go somewhere alone and document your day.
  6. Spend your day in a familiar place and find new ways of looking at it.
  7. Go for a walk to focus your mind. I find that going for walks really helps me to clear my head and form ideas for new projects.
  8. Only use one lense. This helps to improve your composition as your really have to think about making use of what you’ve got. Here is a more indepth explanation of why you should do this challenge: One Lense Challenge.
  9. Add a signature motif to one of your images during a day shoot. I’ve seen this done many times by various photographers. Usually something simple like A Red Umbrella or a Yellow Coat.
  10. Invest your personality into your images.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Here is a few photos taken during these challenges:



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  1. Mörkrum avatar

    Great list! Thanks for the inspiration.

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