Halloween 2019

If you remember last year I did a Day Of The Dead Inspired shoot in the studio. This year I decided to plan a Halloween shoot with another photographer. We choose to do glamourous Halloween rather than dark and Gory.

Corpse Bride And Harlequin Shoot

The look I chose was a modern-day Harlequin/ Pennywise look. According to the Oxford English dictionary, a Harlequin is a mute character in traditional pantomime, typically masked and dressed in a diamond-patterned costume. However, I choose to simply get harlequin makeup done by a makeup artist and my model wore a purple tutu dress. Harlequin comes from the french Hellequin, the name of the leader of a legendary troop of demon horsemen.

The other photographer chose a corpse bride/ghostly look. Corpse bride was a 2005 Tim Burton animation where a man about to be married accidentally places a ring on a dead womans finger thinking its a plinth and she comes back to life thinking they are married. Im unsure whether the other photographers intention was to have it appear as though she dies and comes back to life but this is what i wanted to capture through my images.

This time the location chosen was a woodland setting and as part of my idea we used smoke bombs for part of the shoot. This was the most difficult part as you cannot touch them when your lighting them and they can accidentally catch fire. The smoke will also just flow in the direction it desires.

Killa Halloween

My second halloween shoot was for a new clothing company called Killa Clothing. They sell Tshirts and hoodies for men and women.This time Killa clothing hired two special effects makeup artists to do halloween makeup on the models. I went to go and take the images when the makeup was done at a woodland location and a bridge over a train track. Here is the photos from both shoots both shot on Nikond3200 with a 55200mm lens and a 35mm prime lens:

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