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  • Moor Park: 6 Days 6 Lenses

    You may have seen my 8 photography techniques to try in isolation post. Well as well as trying new things using photoshop techniques on the portraits in my back catalogue I’ve been going out with my camera during lockdown and photographing the places I go on my daily walks. The main place I’ve been to […]

  • Halloween 2019

    Halloween 2019

    If you remember last year I did a Day Of The Dead Inspired shoot in the studio. This year I decided to plan a Halloween shoot with another photographer. We choose to do glamourous Halloween rather than dark and Gory. Corpse Bride And Harlequin Shoot The look I chose was a modern-day Harlequin/ Pennywise look. […]

  • Halloween\Day Of The Dead

    What Is Halloween/ Day Of The Dead? A lot of people think that Day Of Dead and Halloween are interrelated. However they are two different festivals that appear to unintentionally connect in a number of ways. As stated on the National Geographic website Halloween is a dark night of terror whereas day of the dead […]

  • Crystal Ball Photography

     At the beginning of the year, I set myself 30 photography related goals. Currently, I have started 11 of them, and today I am going to talk about goal number 24 which was to begin using props within my photography. My First prop of 2018 is a Crystal Ball because this is something I’ve wanted […]

  • Victorian Fair

    A Few months ago I went to Winckley Square in Preston to photograph a Victorian Fair with Preston Photographic Society. This involved people lots of people dressing up in costumes that depicted the victorian era and a couple of comedic acts. There was a juggler and a magician who used a crystal ball as a […]

  • What Lead Me To The Fencing Selfie?

    What Lead Me To The Fencing Selfie?

    The Inspiration So towards the end of 2015, I joined Preston Photographic Society and I started entering the competitions. One of these competitions is a theme competition, which changes each month and one of the themes was sport. I had two choices to photograph someone doing taekwondo or someone doing fencing because I do both […]

  • Photography And Social Media Marketing

    I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember and it’s only in the last couple of years I realised that you need more than just photographs. I’ve made social media marketing into one of my top priorities on the way to starting a business. It all began when I decided I […]

  • Street Photography

    So recently I’ve been doing a vast amount of street photography so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt. The first time I did street photography it felt obtrusive, I felt like I was doing something wrong because it is essentially photographing people without their consent. Later I found out that street photography […]

  • Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs of People by Henry Carroll

    So after reading Henry Carroll’s other book discussing how to take great photographs in general which I posted on this blog and absolutely loving it, a couple of months later I walked into Waterstones and found that he had written another one but this time it was only to do with people, my favourite subject […]

  • Photo Challenge Friday Week 7: Numbers

    My challenge for this week was Numbers.   My initial idea was to go out and photograph doors and use the numbers on the doors as a metaphor by stating that life presents plenty of opportunities and all you need to do is pick a number and go through that door. But I was working a […]