Is Coronavirus Affecting You As A Small Business?

Having seen countries on lockdown already. I think that it is immnent that the uk will follow suit.

We’ve already seen people panic buying toilet rolls, hand sannitiser and pasta.etc.

At the moment I’m just starting out as a freelance photographer so I’m still doing a lot of marketing so I’m doing the majority of my work from home but I think the virus could delay client bookings for the forseeable future.

Currently my cancellations include shifts for my part-time ad hoc job and workshops for me to learn new skills.

This week I have a planned campaign to work on as I’m trying to work as normal until we can’t work. The reality is this campaign is related to an upcoming event which may not even happen if we are stuck at home.

If we are on lockdown I won’t be able to go out and shoot so I will have to focus on more marketing and plan some personal projects I can do around the house. I feel this might be all we can do once all the photographs we have already taken have been edited.

So is coronavirus affecting you as a small business? Let me know what’s been happening to you in a comment below.





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