Photo Challenge Friday: Week 9 and 10: Organic Shapes And Pretend You’re A Dog

Welcome back to my first new post for the Photo Challenge Friday Segment.

Today I’m bringing back Photo Challenge Friday where every Friday I will be setting myself a new photography challenge which I have a week to complete.

You may or may not remember that my week 9 challenge was to photograph Organic Shapes, however, I got rather busy and didn’t post the results and forgot about the segment. So here are my images from that challenge where I decided to photograph Pumpkins:

This week I decided to start up the challenges all over again after reading two books called Be A Super Awesome Photographer by Henry Carroll (Aimed at Kids but good for Adults too) and Photocrafty: 75 Creative Camera Projects For You And Your Digital SLR by Sue Venables.

Over the coming weeks, I am going to be doing challenges you can do with just a short walk to the park or staying at home due to The Coronavirus.

Week 10’s Challenge was to Pretend You’re a Dog. This is about taking images from a dog’s eye view so think low angle images and think about what a dog would do. What unusual angles would the dog shot from if the dog was a photographer. For this shoot, I decided to go to the park with only my 55-200 mm telephoto zoom lens because I wanted to be able to shoot from a distance so I didn’t trample on anything and stayed respectful of my surroundings. Most of the images here were shot at 200mm. Back in the house, I decided that dogs would jump on armchairs or lie on the floor so I photographed what would be seen if they did this with a 50mm Prime.

For week 11 I am going to be doing another challenge from be a Super Awesome Photographer called See Things Differently. This challenge is about taking ordinary things and seeing them in a new light. For Example, a vacuum could be a twisting python or pancakes could be planets or you could find the alphabet in your photographs. Just use your imagination and see what you come up with.

If you enjoyed this weeks challenge why not have a go at next weeks See Things Differently challenge and tweet or Instagram to @lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #seethingsdifferently.


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