Moor Park: 6 Days 6 Lenses

You may have seen my 8 photography techniques to try in isolation post.

Well as well as trying new things using photoshop techniques on the portraits in my back catalogue I’ve been going out with my camera during lockdown and photographing the places I go on my daily walks. The main place I’ve been to frequently is moor parl.

You have to really think about what we should and shouldn’t be doing on our daily walks. Should we be staying at a safe distance and asking people if they want to be photographed without going near to us. Is it ethical or unethical in this crazy time? How will people respond? Should we try contacting people to be photographed on there porches while we stay on the path? Is this okay or not? Its up to you as a photographer to decide.

So Then I started to think about what else I can do without taking portraits  I decided to take my camera with me on some of my daily walks going to moor park 7 days in a row with a different lens every day to see what perspectives I could get with the different lenses.

There is the Petzval 85mm lomography lens which is great for portraits but without the luxury of asking someone for a portrait like I normally what can I do with this lens?

I also used a Nikon 35mm Prime Lens which is a very versatile lens for both landscapes and portraits.

a Nikon 18-55mm kit lens, a Sigma 10-20mm,

A Lensbaby circular fisheye lens which I love to create distorted images with. It seems to create a warped world view in my eyes.

A Nikon 55-200mm Zoom Lens


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