Photo Challenge Friday: Week 21: Do Your Lines

Happy Friday Readers, It’s time to share this week’s challenge.

Week 21’s challenge is another of my current back to basics series and is called, Do Your Lines. This is about using lines to lead the viewer into the image. These can be horizontal, vertical, radial and diagonal. These Leading Lines are everywhere you look so this challenge is rather simple to do even with a phone on your daily walks.

Here are a few of mine:

For Week 22 I will be doing another challenge from photocrafty by Sue Veneables.Week 22’s challenge is another of my current back to basics series and is called, Framing. This is all about using natural frames. You can create a frame like this using your hands, a fence, trees or a window. You may even think of other ways of creating a natural frame. Don’t use picture frames and things like that for this challenge it must be natural.

If you enjoyed this weeks challenge join in with next weeks Framing challenge and tweet or Instagram to @lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #framing.


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