Aligning Your Brand Strategy

Back In November, I attended a captivating talk by Carly-Soulful Strategy on aligning brand strategy, with moms in business.

Selecting clients who resonate with your brand is pivotal.

It’s crucial to heed your inner voice and silence those who doubt your capabilities.

Crafting and sharing your brand story not only imparts insight but also fosters intrigue around your business.

During the session, Carly encouraged us to pinpoint values aligning with our brand and narrow them down to a core five.

My selections:

  • Creativity: Constantly generating fresh ideas for capturing people and concepts.
  • Connection: Actively engaging in numerous networking events to build meaningful connections.
  • Equality: Providing services fairly and ensuring accessibility to everyone.
  • Motivation: Thriving on high motivation, allowing for exceptional productivity when focused.
  • Uniqueness: Embracing individuality, as I believe authenticity is a cornerstone in business.

Creativity emerged as my top value, given its central role in my work as a photographer.

I’m curious to learn about your brand values. If you’re eager to delve deeper into aligning your brand, Carly is an excellent resource. You can find some of her resources at


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