10 Days To Start Everyday the right was a photographer in 2024

Today is my 100th article on this website so I’m going to post about 10 ways to start off everyday in 2024 the right way as a Photographer.

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define your professional objectives for the year, whether it’s expanding your client base, mastering new photography techniques, or achieving financial milestones. For me I want to expand my client base this year and to have more stability in work.
  2. Update Your Portfolio: Is your portfolio looking like you haven’t revamped it in months. Why not add more recent images on your website to showcase your work in the best light.
  3. Networking is Key: I absolutely loved networking with other photographers, CWS creatives, Co work society one and mum’s In business though I’m not a mum myself and I want to bring more of this into the new year.
  4. Refine Your Branding: Ensure your brand identity is consistent across all platforms. This includes your logo, website design, and social media profiles. A cohesive brand builds trust.
  5. Stay Updated on Trends: I love checking trending reels on Instagram, videos on Tik tok and planning my content around them and also trying to revamp the trends where possible to fit with my brand.
  6. Time Management: Establish a clear schedule to balance work and personal life. Efficient time management enhances productivity and prevents burnout.
  7. Invest in Education: Continue learning and improving my skills. I am Definetly going to participate in more workshops and read lots more photography books this year.
  8. Financial Planning: Develop a budget and pricing strategy. Ensure you are pricing your services competitively while covering your costs and allowing for business growth.
  9. Social Media Strategy: Consistent, quality content is key and I’m going to keep being consistent through 2024.
  10. Client Relationships: This year is all about building on new and existing client relationships. Plan shoot, send photos, follow up.


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