Owls At Waterstones Preston

On the 31/07/2016 I went to Waterstones to pick up my pre-order of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Now I like to go to Waterstones quite often for a browse and usually never leave the store without three books and I also order books on Amazon. For Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I made the decision to pre-order my book and pick it up from Waterstones.

A few months later I am really glad I chose to do this because I got to combine my love of reading with photography yet again as Waterstones had real owls in the store courtesy of Barn Owl Bill. I was really excited about this because I love owls and I have never had the pleasure of photographing them before. The best thing about photographing owls is that you don’t have to tell them to pose, they just do it anyway.

My Favourite shot taken on my Nikon D3200 with my Telephoto Zoom Lens was of the beautiful owl who lost one of its eyes when it was run over by a car as for me beauty appears in the unlikeliest of places, the owl did not need two eyes to be beautiful, it just was. The detail on its feathers was striking.

But for me the event was not complete without one more thing. I couldn’t go and photograph the owls without holding one and the wonderful event organisers kindly captured a shot for me.

Below are my photographs from the event:


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