Photo Challenge Friday Week 13: Make A Scene

It’s Friday and You know what that means it’s photo challenge day.

Last week I set my week 13 challenge which was another challenge from be a Super Awesome Photographer called Make A Scene. For this challenge I used toys and other objects as props to create a scene. Henry says to use a lamp to create dramatic lighting and experiment with backgrounds to make the scenes more theatrical.

This week I took out a selection of Sylvanian Familiies And A 50mm Lens and some other objects to create my scenes.

Here are this week’s results:

For next week in Week 14 I am going to be doing a challenge from Photocrafty: 75 Creative Camera Projects For You And Your Digital SLR by Sue Venables. Week 14’s challenge is Photo Message which is to write photo messages on a whiteboard and share them with people which I will be doing for 7 days over on my Instagram @lucyandthelens and I will share them on here and maybe some of the ressponses to them next Friday.

If you enjoyed this weeks challenge why not have a go at next weeks Photo Message challenge and tweet or Instagram to @lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #photomessage.


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