Photo Challenge Friday: Week 24: Green With Envy And Week 25: Orange Glow

It’s Photo Challenge Friday Again. I was a little busy last week so this week I’ve got a double post for you.

Week 24’s challenge continues with the photo scavenger hunt series and is called Green With Envy. This challenge involves looking for things that are green. Green is associated with nature, harmony, growth,stability,freshness and fertility. So like red don’t just look for the colour look at its symbols. Here are the Results:

For Week 25 I have chosen another challenge from Photocrafty by Sue Veneables. This Challenge is called Orange Glow. As this is another photo scavenger hunt this focuses on looking for things that are orange or that the colour orange represents. Orange is a ‘hot’ colour, which creates the feeling of warmth. it also denotes joy, enthusiasm, creativity and endurance. Here are some orange images:

Next week for Week 26 the forth in the colour scavenger hunt series from photocrafty by Sue Veneables will be Feeling Blue?.They say that blue can be a mood and its also all around us as both the sky and the sea are blue.

If you enjoyed this weeks challenge join in with next weeks Feeling Blue? challenge and tweet or Instagram to @lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #feelingblue? .


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