Photo Challenge Friday Week 7: Numbers

My challenge for this week was Numbers.  

My initial idea was to go out and photograph doors and use the numbers on the doors as a metaphor by stating that life presents plenty of opportunities and all you need to do is pick a number and go through that door. But I was working a lot so I actually took inspiration from the card and decided that my cocktail jigger would work in a different way. My idea is that life is measured in numbers and it doesn’t matter how far you fill the jigger as long as you have a number of things to keep you content so this one is titled ‘the measure of contentment’

Then it came time to choose my challenge for week eight and card picking time is my favourite part as i never know what the next challenge brings but the result of each challenge is based on how much free time I have in that week and this week I needed a bit of quick thinking to complete the challenge. 
So My week 8 challenge is to shoot textures and patterns. We see textures and patterns in everything but we don’t always deem them as something we generally photograph. 


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