Photo Challenge Friday – Excluded and Alone

So a little while ago I decided that I was going to start a new regular segment on my blog called Photo Challenge Friday. Photo Challenge Friday is an idea where every Friday I will be setting myself a new photography challenge which I have a week to complete.

The idea was born a few months after my best friend bought me a set of photo challenge cards for my birthday when I decided to look at the cards again and I thought I can do something with these.

So last week I started this off by shuffling, the pack of challenge cards, and picking a card. The card I picked was titled Excluded and Alone. The aim of this was to photograph a picture of a group of subjects or objects and exclude something or someone from the group.


Having not really ventured anywhere that gave me the opportunity to do this I looked for groups of things I had in the house and chose lemons as my subject. Here are the results:


On weeks where I have at least two photography excursions planned I will double up the challenges, so today I have picked two new ones:


  1. Coming and Going

My task is to shoot a subject as it leaves or enters the frame.

2. Don’t Belong Together

My task is to shoot two things that don’t normally come together in everyday life or have nothing to do with each other so opposites attract.

I’m excited to try out these two new challenges and if any photographers reading this want to give it a go. All you need to do is tweet your results to the #lucyandthelens on Twitter or Instagram and don’t forget to # the name of the challenge you’re testing out.


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