Photo Challenge Friday :Week 2: Coming and Going /Don't Belong Together

So It’s Friday and if you read last weeks post you know what that means. It’s week two of Photo Challenge Friday and last week I set myself a double challenge using the photo challenge cards that my best friend gave me.

Last week after shuffling the deck I made the choice of 1. Coming and going where I had to photograph something as it leaves or enters the frame and 2.Don’t Belong Together where I had to shoot any two things that don’t normally come together in everyday life or have nothing to do with each other.


My first challenge coming and going wasn’t as difficult for me as people or things coming and going is something we see in day today life so my picture is simple it’s a picture of a boat called the dazzle which was designed as a commemoration for the first world war. According to the Mersey ferries website the idea was to baffle the eye in order to make the ships difficult for enemies to target.

Don’t belong together was a much harder challenge and even today looking back at my images I took on a street photography walk I wasn’t sure if id managed to take anything to complete the challenge. In spotting this shot I’d previously overlooked I thought wait a minute this challenge doesn’t have to mean finding something thats the opposite of something else. So I decided my photo of strangers on the steps is a collection of subjects that don’t belong together.

Next Weeks Challenge is entitled Balance which might not be extremely simply to do  but the idea is simple, what I need to do in the upcoming week is photograph something that is Balanced.


So if you enjoyed this post why not have a go at next weeks Balance challenge and Tweet or Instagram your results to #lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #Balance.


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