Photo Challenge Friday: Week Three: Balance

So its week three of photo challenge Friday and my challenge for this week was balance. I was planning on taking this shot on a photo walk yesterday but the weather changed my plans so instead I had an idea to incorporate my love of reading into my image.

I decided I could create a photo that reinvents the game of Jenga using my books so I picked up a pile of my to be read books and placed them in a Jenga style composition where I could see the spines. Here is the Result:


As you may know from reading my previous photo challenge Friday blogs every week I pick new challenge cards for the next week. However due to my plans for the next few weeks I have picked my challenges for week four, five and six and I have doubled up all three challenges so I will be doing two challenges each week.

My Challenges for week four will be 1. The Resting Point where I have to find and shoot a subject that embodies peace and serenity and 2. Photographing a Photo where I have to take a photo of a photo.


The following week on Week Five I will be 1. Creating a Vignette where you have to use a shape to centrally frame an image and my other challenge for that week is titled 2. Focal Length and Background so I have to shoot the same picture at two different focal lengths.


Finally on week six I will be taking a shot titled 1. Glow where the aim is to shoot a glowing subject and the other task is 2. Silhouette, which is the type of image that works best at sunset.


So if you enjoyed this weeks post why not have a go at one of my challenges for the upcoming weeks and tweet or Instagram your results to the #lucyandthelens and don’t forget to # the name of the challenge.


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