Photo Challenge Friday: Week 4,5 and 6

So I know it’s a day late and I apologise for that but today i’m doing a special triple post because I’ve been on holiday so I’ve combined my posts for week 4, 5 and 6.

So each week I set my self two challenges because I was on holiday so this meant I had plenty of time to shoot. For week 4 I chose 1.The Resting Point where I had to find and shoot a subject that embodies peace and serenity. I chose a circular wall where you can view boats because to me this represents peace and serenity because at this place you are stood alone in thought admiring the view.


2. Photographing a Photo where I had to take a photo of a photo but I had to change this challenge because my Polaroid camera is broken so I had no other way of doing this. So my new challenge for week 4 was 2. Freezing Time so I took a photo at an event called Corre Foc where people run down the street with fireworks and it looks like a person is running through one.


On Week 5 one of my challenges was 1.Vignette but I didn’t actually shoot a vignette I took a photo an added the vignette in later via photoshop express. 2. I had to shoot a subject from both a long and a short focal length so I chose swimming pool.


Week 6 was my favourite week because I got to shoot two of the things I love shooting. 1. Silhouette and for me the perfect backdrop was the Corre Foc event because there is also a firework in my shot. However 2.Glow is ultimately my favourite thing to shoot other than people and that is a sunset, I even sometimes Google the sunset times.

Next week on Week 7 I will only have time for one challenge so I have chosen 1. Numbers game where I have to shoot photographs of numbers.


So if you enjoyed this weeks post why not have a go at one of my challenges for the upcoming weeks and tweet or Instagram your results to the #lucyandthelens and don’t forget to #the name of the challenge.

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